Climate Change

The Point of No Return


Climate Change: The Point of No Return

There is no doubt: climate change is happening and mankind is having an increasing influence on the climate. This volume provides a solid introductory and scientifically sound account of the problems posed by climate change today. It neither casts gloom nor plays the issue down, eschewing a polemical stance to provide an objective description and evaluation of the facts. Mojib Latif uses the latest scientific information to explore the causes of climate change and what concrete changes are taking place. He deals with the common arguments of the skeptics and drafts scenarios of what the future might hold if we don’t dedicate ourselves to living sustainably.

  • Haus Publishing; June 2009
  • ISBN 9781906598518
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  • Title: Climate Change
  • Author: Mojib Latif
  • Imprint: Haus Publishing