A Memoir


Cousins: A Memoir
In this remarkable memoir, Athol Fugard, author of The Road to Mecca, A Lesson From Aloes, Master Harold...and the boys, Valley Song and numerous other works for the stage, paints a moving study of his early years in South Africa. Cousins focuses on Fugard's relationship with his two cousins and their impact, which led the author to a lifelong pursuit of a writing career.
  • Theatre Communications Group; September 2013
  • ISBN 9781559367349
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  • Title: Cousins
  • Author: Athol Fugard
  • Imprint: Theatre Communications Group

About The Author

The New Yorker has said of Athol Fugard, "A rare playwright, who could be a primary candidate for either the Nobel Prize in Literature or the Nobel Peace Prize." His major works for the stage include: Blood Knot; "Master Harold"...and the boys; My Children! My Africa!; A Lesson from Aloes; The Road to Mecca; Valley Song; and The Captain's Tiger.