Winning Pachinko

The Game of Japanese Pinball


Winning Pachinko: The Game of Japanese Pinball
Pachinko, a game played by over 30 million Japanese, is synonymous with glaring lights, mind-rattling noise and smoke-choked parlors. To the uninitiated, the game's phenomenal popularity is nothing less than an enigma. The unofficial truth is that pachinko is one of Japan's biggest forms of gambling. For non-Japanese, the hush surrounding this money-making aspect has contributed to misunderstandings about the game. Now, with Winning Pachinko Eric Sedensky opens parlor doors to the English-speaking world and guides readers through the essentials of play - where to buy balls, how to select a machine, and most importantly, how and where to claim one's booty of cool cash. A glossary of pachinko terms, useful diagrams, and photographs accompany the text.
  • Tuttle Publishing; July 2012
  • ISBN 9781462904310
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  • Title: Winning Pachinko
  • Author: Eric C. Sedensky
  • Imprint: Tuttle Publishing