No Mortal Thing

A Thriller


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Gerald Seymour's No Mortal Thing is a novel of relentless power and mounting suspense, a brilliant portrayal of organized crime in Europe and the under-resourced men and women who fight it.

Two young men - Jago and Marcantonio - both studying business and finance:

Jago is a kid from a rough part of London who has worked hard to get a job in a bank and is now on a fast-track to the Berlin office.

Marcantonio is one of the new generation in the ‘Ndrangheta crime families from Calabria, Southern Italy. He is in Germany to learn how to channel their illicit millions towards legitimate businesses all over Europe.

When Jago witnesses Marcantonio commit a vicious assault and the police seem uninterested, the Englishman refuses to let the matter drop.

But by pursuing the gangster to his grandfather’s mountain lair, Jago is stepping into the middle of a delicate surveillance operation, which sets alarm bells ringing in Rome, London, and Berlin. It also leads him to Consolata, a young woman who sees in Jago the chance to turn her non-violent protest campaign against the crime families into something altogether more lethal...

  • St. Martin's Press; August 2017
  • ISBN 9781250123701
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  • Title: No Mortal Thing
  • Author: Gerald Seymour
  • Imprint: Thomas Dunne Books
Subject categories
  • 9781250123695
  • 9781250123701

In The Press

Praise for No Mortal Thing:

"Seymour successfully juggles the large cast and many sub-plots...[an] engrossing saga."—Publishers Weekly

Praise for Gerald Seymour:

"The three British masters of suspense, Graham Greene, Eric Ambler, and John le Carre, have been joined by a fourth—Gerald Seymour." —The New York Times

"Not since the arrival of John le Carre has the emergence of an international suspense novelist been as stunning as that of Gerald Seymour." —Los Angeles Times Book Review

"[Seymour] isn't just abreast of the headlines, [but] ahead of them." —The Washington Post

"Seymour has his fragmented narrative down to such a science there's never any doubt that we will be rewarded for our patience. As classic a thriller as this is, it boasts a sharp contemporary edge that traffics as much in cynicism as despair (everyone is haunted by a death or moral failure). In either mode, the tension builds. An author who seemingly can do no wrong, British spymaster Seymour delivers another first-rate effort—this one focused on an old-fashioned hero facing up to new challenges."—Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"Seymour excels at creating characters with deep backstories: Riordan, the not-posh MI5 agent Gaby Davies, an unusually honest copy in Prague named Karol Pilar, and, best of all, the legendary double agent brought out of retirement to handle Exton, Danny Curnow (code name Vagabond). He also does a fine job of capturing the enduring hostility on both sides."—Publishers Weekly

Seymour again deploys a sizable cast of very well developed characters and a complex but utterly believable plot to produce another terrific read. Winnie is luminous, a force of nature. The Major is as cold an evildoer as fiction will see this year. Already classed with Eric Ambler and John le Carré as an espionage master, Seymour burnishes his reputation with each new book. —Booklist on The Outsiders

“Seymour [is] incapable of creating a two-dimensional character . . . The ending is brilliantly orchestrated.” —The London Times on The Dealer and the Dead

“Crisp, taut and contemporary, by a stylish writer.” —The Observer (UK) on The Dealer and the Dead

“Discerning thriller readers can safely say that the best practitioner currently working in the UK is the veteran Seymour. He is, quite simply, the most intelligent and accomplished in the current field . . . Here, we have a typically compromised Seymour anti-hero, a masterfully organized globe-spanning narrative and a mass of highly persuasive detail. The Dealer and the Dead is Seymour firing on all cylinders, and his rivals need, once again, to look to their laurels.” —Barry Forshaw, author of The Man Who Left Too Soon, on The Dealer and the Dead

“With Seymour, not only do you get a cracking story deftly told, but you also feel you are learning something.” —Birmingham Press on The Dealer and the Dead

“The final scenes are brilliantly orchestrated by Seymour, the sustained tension becoming almost unbearable . . . Without doubt, The Dealer and the Dead is one of the finest thrillers to be published so far this year.” —Yorkshire Evening Post on The Dealer and the Dead

“[Seymour's] meticulous research shines through in his latest thriller.” —Oxford Times on The Dealer and the Dead

About The Author

GERALD SEYMOUR was a reporter at ITN for fifteen years, where his first assignment was covering the Great Train Robbery in 1963. Seymour’s first novel was the acclaimed thriller Harry’s Game, set in Belfast, which became an instant international bestseller and later a television series. Six of Seymour’s thrillers have now been filmed for television in the UK and U.S. No Mortal Thing is his fourteenth novel.

Subject categories
  • 9781250123695
  • 9781250123701