Quantum Models of Cognition and Decision

by Jerome R. Busemeyer,

Much of our understanding of human thinking is based on probabilistic models. This innovative book by Jerome R. Busemeyer and Peter D. Bruza argues that, actually, the underlying mathematical structures from quantum theory provide a much better account of human thinking than traditional models. They introduce the foundations for modeling probabilistic-dynamic systems using two aspects of quantum theory. The first, 'contextuality', is a way to understand interference effects found with inferences and decisions under conditions of uncertainty. The second, 'quantum entanglement', allows cognitive phenomena to be modeled in non-reductionist ways. Employing these principles drawn from quantum theory allows us to view human cognition and decision in a totally new light. Introducing the basic principles in an easy-to-follow way, this book does not assume a physics background or a quantum brain and comes complete with a tutorial and fully worked-out applications in important areas of cognition and decision.
  • Cambridge University Press; July 2012
  • ISBN 9781139534178
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  • Title: Quantum Models of Cognition and Decision
  • Author: Jerome R. Busemeyer; Peter D. Bruza
  • Imprint: Cambridge University Press

In The Press

'Mathematical models of cognition so often seem like mere formal exercises. Quantum theory is a rare exception. Without sacrificing formal rigor, it captures deep insights about the workings of the mind with elegant simplicity. This book promises to revolutionize the way we think about thinking.' Steven Sloman, Brown University, Rhode Island