Ancient Okinawan Martial Arts


Ancient Okinawan Martial Arts
In Ancient Okinawan Martial Arts: Koryu Uchinadi readers have access, for the first time, to an extensive collection of the most important documents written by and about Okinawa's most famous karate and kobudo masters and their arts, as well as to photographs of kobujutsu katas of historical significance.

This twovolume anthology includes previously untranslated texts by Chojun Miyagi (founder of Goju Ryu Karate), Kenwa Mabuni (founder of Shito Ryu Karate), Shinken Taira (founder of Ryukyu Kobudo), Choshin Chibana (founder of Kobayashi Shorin Ryu Karate), and Choki Motobu (the notorious scrapper who in his maturity went on to teach many who became great masters in their own right). Patrick McCarthywith the able assistance of his wife, Yuriko McCarthyprovides expert translation and commentary based on his extensive research into these masters and the systems they founded, as well as into the establishment of the Okinawan karate tradition in the main islands of Japan.
  • Tuttle Publishing; June 1999
  • ISBN 9781462903061
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  • Title: Ancient Okinawan Martial Arts
  • Author: Christian Galan
  • Imprint: Tuttle Publishing