Moonwalk with Your Eyes

A Pocket Field Guide


Of all the many things we can look at in the night sky, the Moon is one of the richest in its ever-changing detail, as changes in light and shadow daily transform what you can see of every feature. Whether you use binoculars, a small telescope or a large one,you will find the Moon offers new horizons rich in exploration opportunities.

Moonwalk with Your Eyes guides the reader quickly through lunar basics: how to determine the lunar day and what lunar terminology you might encounter here and in other books. From there you’ll be taken on a guided visual journey that encompasses what can be seen at any given time for all levels of observers.

Moonwalk with Your Eyes features high-quality annotated photographs and solid background information to help the reader understand many lunar phenomena. Here is a guide that allows those who simply gaze at the Moon to find a deeper appreciation of it; for those who use binoculars and small telescopes, this is a comprehensive guide to identifying what can be seen; and advanced observers will be challenged with a rare quality look at areas of the Moon that are not covered by other lunar guide books.

  • Springer US; March 2010
  • ISBN 9781441906465
  • Read online, or download in secure PDF format
  • Title: Moonwalk with Your Eyes
  • Author: Tammy Plotner
  • Imprint: Springer

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From the reviews:

“Amateur astronomer Tammy Plotner takes you on a journey with your eyes to learn in a very non-technical entry-level manner what to see on the Moon. … The book is divided into a chapter for each day of a lunation cycle … . I thoroughly enjoyed reading this guide to observing the Moon. I highly recommend it to anyone interested learning about our celestial companion. You will have hours of enjoyment as this book opens up the Moon to your eyes.” (Robert Garfinkle, The Observatory, Vol. 131 (1223), August, 2011)