The Oxford Dictionary of Modern Slang

by John Ayto, John Simpson

Series: Oxford Paperback Reference

Slang is a colourful, alternative vocabulary. It bristles with humour, vituperation, prejudice, informality: the slang of English is English with its sleeves rolled up, its shirt-tails dangling, and its shoes covered in mud. This dictionary presents a panoramic view of twentieth century English slang from Britain, North America, Australia, and elsewhere in the English-speaking world from World War I until the present day.

The Oxford Dictionary of Modern Slang contains the slang of the twentieth century which is included in the twenty-volume Oxford English Dictionary. Some minor terms have been omitted, when it was clear that they had not obtained a substantial foothold in the language. But in addition, a further five hundred or so slang words, or slang meanings of words, have been included which are currently in preparation for the OED but which have not yet been published there.

Be Warned - some language or subject matter may be offensive.

  • Oxford University Press; October 1993
  • ISBN: 9780192800077
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  • Title: The Oxford Dictionary of Modern Slang
  • Series: Oxford Paperback Reference
  • Author: John Ayto (ed.); John Simpson (ed.)
  • Imprint: Oxford University Press