Sydney Australia (2nd ed.)

A Guide to the City


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The Sydney Guide is a book for both local and international visitors, to the city. It covers the historic background of the city, from the visit of Captain Cook, through to the present time.
The Guide contains over one hundred colour photographs of Sydney’s scenic, cultural and beauty spots. Although the book concentrates on the city of Sydney itself, it also covers the Blue Mountains and National Parks in and around Sydney.

The work is fully indexed and bookmarked for easy use. Extensive appendixes detail such things as bus routes, consulates, an accommodation guide from budget to five star, all the national parks and reserves in New South Wales, wildlife parks, flora and fauna preserves, medical information, helplines, business and public agencies, and links on the World Wide Web. Sydney’s magnificent sea beaches are given special attention and all are shown in colour photographs. The beach conditions you will experience are fully described as are the facilities you will find at each.

Tour booking offices are listed, and all listings have telephone and fax numbers where available. Discount travel tickets are also covered in detail, so you'll know what’s available before you travel. The Australian Customs Service bans specific items and lets you bring in specific quantities of goods; these are all listed for your convenience.

If you like exploring for yourself then The Sydney Guide is written for you too. It describes five walks that take you through the historic parts of the city.

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