Environmental Impact of Power Generation

by Anthony K Barbour, N A Burdett, John Cairns Jr, P A Chave, Paul Crutzen, Hugh Fish, Michael J Gittins, John E Harries, Philip K Hopke, John T Houghton, N J King, Saburo Matsui, David H Slater, T G Spiro, David Taylor, Frederick Warner, Stephen J De Mora, Peter Doyle, J N Lester, Geoffrey Allen, R Hill, A E Baumann, Simon N Port, D E Jeffers, Andrew Warren, Malcolm Joyce, Bernard E A Fisher, G Mackerron, Colin Powlesland, R S Adrain, Ian Housley, Thomas L Theis, R E Hester, R M Harrison

Series: Issues in Environmental Science and Technology

In today's automated world, the need for economic generation of power is of vital importance. However, the industry is commonly perceived as being responsible for pollution of the atmosphere and contamination of land and water. The wide-ranging subjects addressed in this book will contribute to the public understanding of science in this important area. Encompassing areas as diverse as current performance standards and the use of nuclear fuel, Environmental Impact of Power Generation also includes an historical overview of electricity supply. The emotive issues of air pollution and the ecological effects of overhead power lines are tackled, along with energy efficiency and conservation. This book will be essential reading for students and practitioners in environmental science and engineering.
  • Royal Society of Chemistry; October 2007
  • ISBN: 9781847550774
  • Edition: 1
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  • Title: Environmental Impact of Power Generation
  • Series: Issues in Environmental Science and Technology
  • Author: Anthony K Barbour (contrib.); N A Burdett (contrib.); John Cairns Jr (contrib.); P A Chave (contrib.); Paul Crutzen (contrib.); Hugh Fish (contrib.); Michael J Gittins (contrib.); John E Harries (contrib.); Philip K Hopke (contrib.); John T Houghton (contrib.); N J King (contrib.); Saburo Matsui (contrib.); David H Slater (contrib.); T G Spiro (contrib.); David Taylor (contrib.); Frederick Warner (contrib.); Stephen J De Mora (contrib.); Peter Doyle (contrib.); J N Lester (contrib.); Geoffrey Allen (contrib.); R Hill (contrib.); A E Baumann (contrib.); Simon N Port (contrib.); D E Jeffers (contrib.); Andrew Warren (contrib.); Malcolm Joyce (contrib.); Bernard E A Fisher (contrib.); G Mackerron (contrib.); Colin Powlesland (contrib.); R S Adrain (contrib.); Ian Housley (contrib.); Thomas L Theis (contrib.); R E Hester (ed.); R M Harrison (ed.)
  • Imprint: Royal Society of Chemistry

About The Author

Ronald E Hester is at the University of York, UK Roy M Harrison OBE is at the University of Birmingham, UK