The Trend Management Toolkit

A Practical Guide to the Future

by Anne Lise Kjaer

In a fast moving world, businesses need to keep up with data analysis and pattern spotting to identify future opportunities. Anne Lise Kjaer presents a unique methodology for global trend spotting along with practical tools and approaches to help companies and organizations analyse market changes and determine the way ahead. The toolkit includes features such as 'How to create your own Trend Atlas' and 'How to Use Trends in Action', alongside case studies and profiles of previous research projects for major organizations. She encourages readers to become market leaders rather than followers, by developing a 'future-orientated mindset' to interpret contradictive influences and identify trends as they emerge.

  • Palgrave Macmillan; October 2014
  • ISBN: 9781137370099
  • Read online, or download in secure PDF format
  • Title: The Trend Management Toolkit
  • Author: Anne Lise Kjaer
  • Imprint: Palgrave Macmillan

In The Press

"Our success relies on adapting to the future faster than our competitors. This book's toolkit is an invaluable resource to think deeply about that future." - Sir Ian Cheshire, Group CEO, Kingfisher Plc

"Just as Alvin Toffler's Third Wave helped frame the coming decades for me in 1980, Anne Lise Kjaer has put words to the uncertainties and opportunities facing our global village in coming years. The need to think in terms of circular economies and understand the critical relevance of social inclusion has never been greater. She equips the reader with both the mind set and the tools to help adapt, and even thrive, in the face of radical change." - Gary Baker, Executive Director, Climate Change & Sustainability Services, EY (Ernst & Young AB)

"The future, and how to make sense of it – these are the themes of Anne Lise Kjaer's new book. A guidebook to long-term planning in a fast-morphing world, The Trend Management Toolkit will particularly interest businesses looking for new ways of responding to changes in consumer behaviour. But its potted history of the art of prediction will fascinate all – as should Kjaer's argument that vapid consumerism has heightened, rather than destroyed, a desire for social ties and collaboration." - Patrick Kingsley, Guardian foreign correspondent, author of How to be Danish; best young journalist at the 2014 British Press Awards

"Trends – every company depends on understanding them yet few do. In Anne Lise Kjaer's new book, The Trend Management Toolkit, she takes a brave step into the future by introducing a new way of predicting and managing trends. She has cracked it!" - Martin Lindstrom, New York Times best-selling author of Brandwashed and Buyology

"The opportunities presented by the ongoing digital and social revolution make a culture and architecture of continuous innovation an even bigger imperative for progressive organisations. The ability to paint a holistic picture of the future is an important component of this innovation architecture. The Trend Management Toolkit provides a valuable method to map the future and thereby contribute directly to the innovation process." - Neetan Chopra, Senior Vice President, IT Strategy, Emirates Group

"I was captivated by the direct, personal and inspiring tone of this toolkit and storytelling book about the future. I read it in one day – simply couldn't put it down – because I wanted to know more. A new societal learning map and master class is born, complete, with history, data and tools. This is a solid overview, with clear arguments and insights, which explains why we need a new and multidimensional set of tools to navigate in the 21st century." - Lars Engman, former design director, IKEA

"The future is something to be embraced not feared, but it has never been harder to discern. Political, economic, social, environmental, and technology trends bounce around the world, colliding and merging at a fearsome rate; Anne Lise's book is a great practical guide to understanding these trends and building a strategy to respond to them." - Mike Barry, Director Plan A, Marks & Spencer

"In an era of constant change, brands are finding that it is vital to be able to identify and embrace new and game-changing trends. The Trend Management Toolkit offers incisive insights and practical steps to help marketers better understand the future needs and wants of their customers." - Muireann Bolger, Features Editor, The Marketer

"Through its holistic overview to envisioning the future and the tools provided to evoke our informed intuition, this book offers the reader with one of the best guides that I have ever read during my career as a Futures Specialist. With its unique and unprecedented approach, I highly recommend it – the book provides a comprehensive and clear guide to understanding established and new directions to all who want to make a difference to the future." -Timo Mashiely-Veikkola, Design Research Leader, Dell

"This book is truly inspirational. An excellent toolkit for anybody who needs to think about what the future will hold and prepare their business for it before it happens. It will help all its readers both to see and understand 'the big picture' and how we will evolve as people, consumers, and societies in a not so distant future." - John Carstensen, Head of Profession, Climate and Environment, DFID Department for International Development (British Gov.)

"I've read this book with the utmost interest and found it not only a professionally useful but a personally captivating read as well. It offers plenty of food for thought and – what is more important – a methodology and a set of tools that really help to organize and orient the reflection process, be it individual or collective. The Trend Management Toolkit offers a rare combination of sharp insights, sound methodology, and effective tools. It will be of great help to companies when it comes to navigating the complexity of the future." - Fernando Gutiérrez, Director and Advisor to the Chairman and CEO, BBVA

"To make our world a better and greener place, we need to work together for the common good. This book presents the business case for a balanced People, Planet, Purpose, and Profit outlook – a sustainable business model that is close to my own heart. It is essential reading for anyone wishing to map out and create positive future scenarios." - Søren Hermansen, CEO, Samsø Energy Academy; TIME Magazine Hero of the Environment 2008

"As we are living in a world where the amount of data is increasing dramatically, technology is developing at a speed never seen before, and the stress we are putting on environment and resources is coming to a tipping point – it is hard not to get confused. But with The Trend Management Toolkit we get sound help to navigate in this complex world." - Anders Eldrup, Former CEO, DONG Energy; Permanent Secretary, Danish Ministry of Finance

"Anne Lise Kjaer provides a valuable toolkit for conscious capitalists looking to shape the 21st century. Unapologetically Nordic in her approach, she shows how a strong focus on inclusion, empowerment, and social consciousness can spur innovation and give businesses a competitive edge. This book is a must-read for current and future business leaders." - Henrik Fogh Rasmussen, Founder, Rasmussen Public Affairs

"This inspiring and generous book cleverly explains how society has developed over the last 20 years and pulls all the complexity into an accessible tool that ensures strategic thinking. Dig in and choose what future you want to create – the business case is already argued thoroughly and the warmth and wit make it a captivating read. As both a toolbox and a summary of 20 years plus of professional learning, I can see it becoming a key source for university courses, not just within business but also design and sociology. It will also be the Christmas present for my entire network." - Esther Davidsen, Brussels lobbyist; head of Zealand Denmark EU Office

"Trends on their own tell a small part of the story. Using techniques from The Trend Management Toolkit, business leaders can apply a systemic approach to understanding how to visualize the future." - R "Ray" Wang, Founder, Constellation Research Inc.; author of Disrupting Digital Business, Harvard Business Publishing

About The Author

Anne Lise Kjaer is a renowned futurist and speaker. As founder of trend management consultancy Kjaer Global, she advises leading brands, including Accenture, BBVA, BMW, DELL, EY, Herman Miller, IKEA, M&S, Nokia, O2, P&G, PwC, Sony, Unilever, Virgin Media, Toyota and McKinsey. Kjaer's design background provides a unique perspective on trends and she has delivered talks, workshops and seminars to over 30,000 people across the world. Her expert views on tomorrow's people and organisations are in demand at major events, such as TEDx, The Economist and European Union conferences and at top business schools and universities. Kjaer regularly features in the media, including the Guardian, The Independent, Gizmodo, Huffington Post, El Pais, Elle, Fast Company, The Times and Politikken. She has featured in various TV documentaries and Shaping Ideas 2020+ for Ericsson had close to 100,000 views on YouTube. Born in Denmark and now a Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador, she is an expert in Nordic culture and has contributed to several books on the future. Currently, she writes regular opinion pieces in SME Magazine and The Marketer. A Financial Times profile said of Kjaer: 'Her unique world vision is as fertile as Dali's only she creates social prototypes…based on nascent trends.'