Computers and Informatics in Developing Countries

by Mohan Munasinghe

Computers and Informatics in Developing Countries is a collection of papers documenting the conference of the Expert Group on Computers and Informatics for Development which investigates how the international scientific and development community can assist developing countries in using computer and informatics technology to promote progress and growth. The papers address the need for developing countries to formulate and apply computer and informatics policies for development, as well as the role of an International Centre for Computers and Informatics (ICCI) should play in the development process. The ICCI should be based on the network principle that links other regional and national computer centers. The advantages of the network principle are lower startup costs, avoidance of setting up a large organization, and localized services of needs. An international organization similar to ICCI can accelerate Third World developmental efforts following the identification of needs of developing countries as regards computer and informatics, setting of clear objectives of ICCI, and meeting with potential donors. The collection is suitable for heads of both non-government agencies and government departments involved in international aid, education, or development, and also to administrators of educational institutions and philanthropic organizations.

  • Elsevier Science; May 2014
  • ISBN: 9781483101101
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  • Title: Computers and Informatics in Developing Countries
  • Author: Mohan Munasinghe (ed.)
  • Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann