A Rulebook for Decision Making

by George Pullman

Series: Hackett Student Handbooks

"Pullman offers his readers essential insights into how humans reason and make decisions. Both concise and far-reaching, his work teaches us how to challenge intuitive logic and examine the processes for deliberative reasoning. This text will prove foundational for students in their intellectual journey toward the development of real skills in critical thinking. By pointing to simple yet profound examples, Pullman's text is both readable and provocative as it challenges us to consider the very mechanisms by which we understand our own cognitive biases." --Bradley A. Hammer, Department of English and Comparative Literature, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

In The Press

"A Rulebook for Decision Making is a really helpful set of ideas for those who want to learn more about how decisions are made. It is not a set of rules as much as a set of considerations that can be customized and applied by each reader—in fact, there are a few that I have not seen elsewhere. This is a book that is useful both to readers wanting to understand more about their decision making, and to those studying the topic." --Robert S. Duboff, CEO, HawkPartners

About The Author

George Pullman is Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Director of the Center for Instructional Innovation at Georgia State University.