Wisdom, Intelligence, and Creativity Synthesized

by Robert J. Sternberg

In Wisdom, Intelligence, and Creativity Synthesized, Sternberg reviews and summarizes the best research available on human intelligence. He argues that any serious understanding of intelligence must go beyond the standard paper and pencil tests currently in use. In addition to analytical and quantitative abilities, a theory of intelligence must take account of peoples' creative abilities - their ability to go beyond given information and imagine new and exciting ways of reformulating old problems. It must also take into account peoples' ability to weigh options carefully and act prudently. Understanding one's own intellectual shortcomings, and learning how to overcome, is as important as developing one's strengths. Sternberg develops a vision of human intelligence that is far more nuanced and accurate than anything previously offered. Wisdom, Intelligence and Creativity Synthesized will be essential reading for psychologists, cognitive scientists, educators, and organizational researchers.

  • Cambridge University Press; October 2003
  • ISBN: 9780511057144
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  • Title: Wisdom, Intelligence, and Creativity Synthesized
  • Author: Robert J. Sternberg
  • Imprint: Cambridge University Press

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"Sternberg recognizes the limitations of traditional testing and approaches the definition of intelligence from a very pragmatic perspective...Sternberg's focus on success in the real world is refreshing, and his book is powerful in its scope." Teachers College Record