Remedial Number

For students aged 10+ requiring assistance in understanding math concepts related to number.

by Jane Bourke, Rod Jefferson

Series: Remedial Math Series

Remediation for many students is frequently associated with a reduced self esteem as students are aware that they are working behind the rest of the class, especially when text books and worksheets for lower grades are used to help them to catch up. This fundamental series is designed to provide Grade 6-8 students with the necessary skills and knowledge of mathematical concepts required for their year level and can be used both in the classroom and as a "take-home" package for extra consolidation of concepts. Mathematics education encompasses a wide range of topics and concepts, many of which are only briefly dealt with in the classroom due to time constraints. It is important that these fundamental concepts are understood before students move onto the next mastery level. Students often fail to grasp all concepts and are unable to catch up to the level at which the rest of the class are working. It is here that the real difficulty for these students begins as they will sometimes withdraw from activities and miss further valuable concepts, simply because they had not mastered the prerequisite skills. The reading and style is appropriate to the age of the student, even though many of the activities are focused on previous stages of the math curriculum. It is hoped that this series will boost the students’ self esteem as they realize that they are able to successfully complete the math activities in the book. In addition, students will not feel as if they are doing "baby" work as is the case when math sheets for 8-10 year olds are given to 12-14 year old students. For best results this photocopy masters series should be used to complement a remedial math program for a small group or for individual students who need to catch up. Many of the worksheets explain the mathematical concepts and provide examples, however, it is assumed that this is not the student’s first experience with the concept. Each book in the series follows the same format and is directed at a particular age group, yet can be used in the high school situation if required. The Challenge questions and word problems at the bottom of some pages test the student’s knowledge of the mathematical concept for that particular page. The challenge is usually presented as a word problem in a real world context so as to highlight the need for the skill. This book explains the basic concepts of number, exploring in detail the processes of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Decimals are explored in detail as well as the relationship between decimals and percentages. The activities are sequenced in line with the standard curriculum structure, covering a number of stages as opposed to activities restricted to one year level. The activities are basically designed to provide students with the opportunity to catch up on much needed mathematical skills.
  • Ready-Ed Publications; June 1998
  • ISBN: 9781863971768
  • Edition: 1
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  • Title: Remedial Number
  • Series: Remedial Math Series
  • Author: Jane Bourke; Rod Jefferson (ill.)
  • Imprint: Ready-Ed Publications