Christmas Around the World

Cross curriculum activities researching global Christmas customs and traditions.

by Judy Gabrovec, Melinda Parker

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  • 9781863972680

"Christmas Around the World" is an activity book for 8 -12 year olds that explores how different countries celebrate Christmas. The book provides children with a variety of research, art, craft and cooking activities designed to give children the opportunity to examine the Christmas traditions and customs of other countries and cultures.

Some of the research activities incorporate the use of the Internet as a research tool and a comprehensive list of Online References relating to Christmas is included.

Bookmark all the Internet sites before you begin this unit of work. If you have more than one computer available the sites for each country can be bookmarked on different computers and the children can rotate around the computers.

The activities are ideal for group work with each group looking at one country. The group can choose an art or craft activity and a recipe relating to the country from the book. At the end of the unit of work a presentation day and a "cooking and tasting" day can be planned. On the presentation day, the children can display their craft and give a talk on what they have learnt about how their country celebrates Christmas. On the "cooking and tasting" day, children from the each group could be responsible for providing the ingredients for the recipes and the tasting of the food could replace the traditional class Christmas party.

Sometimes Internet websites disappear. If you can’t connect with the site immediately, try again at a later time. The site might have only disappeared temporarily or moved to another location.

If a site does disappear, the Online Reference page provides a comprehensive list of Christmas sites that can be used for the research activities. The list is only a fraction of the Christmas sites on the Internet and if the children can use the search engines they will be able to locate many more that could assist in their research.

  • Ready-Ed Publications; November 2000
  • ISBN: 9781863972680
  • Edition: 1
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  • Title: Christmas Around the World
  • Author: Judy Gabrovec; Melinda Parker (ill.)
  • Imprint: Ready-Ed Publications
Subject categories
  • 9781863972680