GPRS (2nd ed.)

Gateway to Third Generation Mobile Networks

by Gunnar Heine, Holger Sagkob

This innovative new book explains how GPRS (general packet radio service) allows you to expand your GSM networks towards third generation mobile communications to meet the demands of the most-sophisticated mobile data applications. The book concentrates on the interfaces between the known GSM network elements and the new subsystems -- PCU, SGSN, and GGSN -- that come with GPRS. It offers you an in-depth explanation of the extensions and methods of the GSM air interface necessary for GPRS and shows how the channel-oriented GSM is linked to the packet switched GPRS. Moreover, it explains what extensions there are in channel coding, how resources are allocated on the air interface, and how the quick network access necessary for GPRS is made possible.

The book focuses on the specifics and procedures of the air-interface, while giving you a thorough understanding of IP related protocols and a detailed presentation of all the important protocol scenarios that you may encounter in GPRS and HSCSD. Other discussions include an introduction to GSM and TDMA, data transmission protocols, and terrestrial interfaces. An extensive glossary provides answers to many of the technical questions that may arise while utilizing GPRS, HSCSD, EDGE or IS-136 HS technology. Packed with more than 200 illustrations that support key topics.


An Introduction to GSM and TDMA - TDMA and Cellular Mobile Communications. The Network Topography of GSM. The Air-Interface in GSM, Physical/Logical Channels. Circuit-Switched Data Services in GSM.

Data Transmission Protocols - The OSI Reference Model. Introduction to PPP, IP, TCP and UDP. Differences Between IPv4 and Ipv6. Applications of TCP/IP: FTP, SMTP, SNMP and HTTP. Introduction to Frame Delay.

An Introduction to GRPS - Performance, Features and Services of GPRS. The GPRS Architecture (MS-Classes/PCU/SGSN//GGSN/BG). Tasks and Specifics of PCU, SGSN, GGSN and BG. Specific Issues of a Mobile Packet Data Network. GPRS Mobility Management.

The Air-Interface in GPRS - The 52-Multiframe/The Packet Data Channels. Medium Access Control (MAC) and Radio Link Control (RLC). Channel Coding Options in GPRS (CS-1 - CS-4). Mobile Station: Specific Issues of Multi-Slot Transmission. QoS (Quality of Service) in GPRS

The Terrestrial Interfaces in GPRS - The LLC- and SNDCP-Protocol (Logical Link Control and Sub-Network Dependent Convergence Protocol). The GTP-Protocol (GPRS Tunneling). GPRS within the BSS – The BSSGP (Base Station GPRS Protocol).

Alternatives to GPRS: Introduction to HSCSD and EDGE - An Introduction to HSCSD. The Radio Link Protocol (RLP) in HSCSD. Performance and Features of HSCSD. An Introduction to EDGE and 8PSK.

Protocol Scenarios in GPRS and HSCSD - GPRS-Attach Initiated on CCCH. GPRS-Attach Initiated on PCCCH. GPRS-Detach (Mobile Initiated). GPRS (Network Initiated). Routing Area Update (Inter-SGSN). PDP-Context Activation (Mobile Initiated). PDP-Context Activation (Network Initiated). Mobile Originated Packet Transfer (One-Phase Access). Mobile Originated Packet Transfer (Two-Phase Access). Mobile Terminated Packet Transfer. HSCSD: Mobile Originated Call Setup, Mobile Terminated Call Setup, Service Level Up-/Down-Grading (Network Initiated), Service Level Up-/Down-Grading (Mobile Initiated), Multislot Handover Scenario (Intra-BSC), Multislot Handover Scenario (Inter-BSC/Intra-MSC.)

Gunnar Heine is the CEO of Inacon and previously served as director of technical services for ALCATEL Mobile Communications. He is the author of GSM Networks: Protocols, Terminology and Implementation (Artech, 1999). Mr. Heine holds an M.S. in communications technology from the University of Wilhelmshaven in Germany.

Holger Sagkob is a development engineer in the radio communications division of Alcatel Mobile Communications. He holds a Diplom-Ingenieur (FH) degree from Fachhochschule Wilhelmshaven.

  • Artech House; January 2003
  • ISBN: 9781580536073
  • Edition: 2
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  • Title: GPRS
  • Author: Gunnar Heine; Holger Sagkob
  • Imprint: Artech House Books