Cellular Neural Networks, Multi-scroll Chaos And Synchronization

by Müstak E. Yalçin, Johan Suykens, Joos Vandewalle

For engineering applications that are based on nonlinear phenomena, novel information processing systems require new methodologies and design principles. This perspective is the basis of the three cornerstones of this book: cellular neural networks, chaos and synchronization. Cellular neural networks and their universal machine implementations offer a well-established platform for processing spatial-temporal patterns and wave computing. Multi-scroll circuits are generalizations to the original Chua’s circuit, leading to chip implementable circuits with increasingly complex attractors. Several applications make use of synchronization techniques for nonlinear systems. A systematic overview is given for Lur’e representable systems with global synchronization criteria for master-slave and mutual synchronization, robust synchronization, H8 synchronization, time-delayed systems and impulsive synchronization.

  • World Scientific Publishing Company; January 2005
  • ISBN: 9789814480956
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  • Title: Cellular Neural Networks, Multi-scroll Chaos And Synchronization
  • Author: Müstak E. Yalçin; Johan Suykens; Joos Vandewalle
  • Imprint: World Scientific