Software Fault Tolerance Techniques And Implementation

by Laura L. Pullum

This innovative resource provides the most comprehensive coverage of software fault tolerance techniques to guide professionals through design, operation and performance. It features an in-depth discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of specific techniques, so practitioners can decide which ones are best suited for their work.The book examines key programming techniques such as assertions, checkpointing, and atomic actions, and provides design tips and models to assist in the development of critical software fault tolerance software systems that help ensure dependable performance. From software reliability, recovery and redundancy to design- and data-diverse software fault tolerance techniques, this practical reference provides detailed insight into techniques that will improve the overall quality of software.

  • Artech House; April 2006
  • ISBN: 9781580534703
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  • Title: Software Fault Tolerance Techniques And Implementation
  • Author: Laura L. Pullum
  • Imprint: Artech House Books