Dark Feelings, Grim Thoughts

Experience and Reflection in Camus and Sartre

by Robert C. Solomon

In the same spirit as his most recent book, Living With Nietzsche, and his earlier study In the Spirit of Hegel, Robert Solomon turns to the existential thinkers Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre, in an attempt to get past the academic and political debates and focus on what is truly interesting and valuable about their philosophies. Solomon makes the case that--despite their very different responses to the political questions of their day--Camus and Sartre were both fundamentally moralists, and their philosophies cannot be understood apart from their deep ethical commitments. He focuses on Sartre's early, pre-1950 work, and on Camus's best known novels The Stranger, The Plague, and The Fall. Throughout Solomon makes the important point that their shared interest in phenomenology was much more important than their supposed affiliation with "existentialism." Solomon's reappraisal will be of interest to anyone who is still or ever has been fascinated by these eccentric but monumental figures.

  • Oxford University Press; July 2006
  • ISBN: 9780198040101
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  • Title: Dark Feelings, Grim Thoughts
  • Author: Robert C. Solomon
  • Imprint: Oxford University Press

In The Press

"This book should appeal to a great many people: it is of interest to philosophers who are interested in topics outside the narrow bandwidth of technophilosophy, to teachers and students in philosophy in literature courses, to all students of literature, especially of French literature, and of course to the amazingly large group of people who read everything Solomon writes." --Charles Guignon, University of South Florida

About The Author

Robert C. Solomon is Quincy Lee Centennial Professor of Business and Philosophy and Distinguished Teaching Professor at the University Texas at Austin. He is past President of the International Society for Research on Emotions. He is well known for his courses on "Existentialism" and has done several video and audio "Superstar Teacher" tapes for the Teaching Company, including No Excuses (on existentialism). He is also the author of In the Spirit of Hegel, A Short History of Philosophy, Spirituality for the Skeptic, Living with Nietzsche and Not Passion's Slave.