Guide to Interviewing Children

Essential skills for counsellors, police, lawyers and social workers

by Clare Wilson, Martine Powell

This book has been written by two people who really understand children. [They show how to] create opportunities to reduce the trauma of the interview and significantly improve the quality of the information obtained.
Chief Constable A.J. Butler Gloucestershire Constabulary

A few years ago, a Chief Justice said that it was unnecessary to educate lawyers and judges in the techniques of interviewing children because it was 'just common sense'. The authors show that successful interviewing requires much more than 'common sense'.
Freda Briggs, Professor of Child Development, University of South Australia excellent book for students and professionals in forensic psychology, policing and social work.
Helen Westcott, PhD, The Open University

It is critical that children are interviewed properly in cases of suspected abuse or where the children may be witnesses to or victims of a crime. Poor questioning can upset the child further and contaminate evidence that may be needed in court.

Interviewing Children is a practical guide to interviewing techniques for a range of professionals including welfare workers, psychologists, schoolteachers and counsellors, police officers and lawyers. Step by step, it outlines the key stages of an interview, and how to respond to the child's needs during an interview. It explains how to deal with children of different ages and from different backgrounds, and also how to work with their parents. Particular attention is paid to the sensitive issue of sexual abuse, and the problems created by multiple interviews.

Clare Wilson lectures in the Department of Psychology at the University of Sydney. Martine Powell lectures in the School of Psychology at Deakin University. Both have trained police officers, social workers and legal professionals in interviewing techniques in Australia and the UK.

  • Allen & Unwin; June 2001
  • ISBN: 9781741150568
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  • Title: Guide to Interviewing Children
  • Author: Clare Wilson; Martine Powell
  • Imprint: Allen & Unwin