Applied Stochastic Hydrogeology

by Yoram Rubin

Stochastic Subsurface Hydrogeology is the study of subsurface, geological heterogeneity, and its effects on flow and transport process, using probabilistic and geostatistical concepts. This book presents a rational, systematic approach for analyzing and modeling subsurface heterogeneity, and for modeling flow and transport in the subsurface, and for prediction and decision-making under uncertainty. The book covers the fundamentals and practical aspects of geostatistics and stochastic hydrogeology, coupling theoretical and practical aspects, with examples, case studies and guidelines for applications, and provides a summary and review of the major developments in these areas.
  • Oxford University Press; March 2003
  • ISBN: 9780198031543
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  • Title: Applied Stochastic Hydrogeology
  • Author: Yoram Rubin
  • Imprint: Oxford University Press

In The Press

"Practitioners, researchers, professors, and graduate students in hydrogeology and engineering will find that this book is intuitive, valuable, and applicable. . . Applied Stochastic Hydrogeology is unique and the most comprehensive reference book on this subject. It covers the fundamental and practical aspects of geostatistics and stochastic hydrogeology with many examples, case studies, and guidelines for applications."--EOS