Wireless Mesh Networks

by Ian F. Akyildiz,

Series: Advanced Texts in Communications and Networking (No. 3)

Going beyond classic networking principles and architectures for better wireless performance

Written by authors with vast experience in academia and industry, Wireless Mesh Networks provides its readers with a thorough overview and in-depth understanding of the state-of-the-art in wireless mesh networking. It offers guidance on how to develop new ideas to advance this technology, and how to support emerging applications and services. The contents of the book follow the TCP/IP protocol stack, starting from the physical layer. Functionalities and existing protocols and algorithms for each protocol layer are covered in depth. The book is written in an accessible textbook style, and contains supporting materials such as problems and exercises to assist learning.

Key Features:

  • Presents an in-depth explanation of recent advances and open research issues in wireless mesh networking, and offers concrete and comprehensive material to guide deployment and product development
  • Describes system architectures and applications of wireless mesh networks (WMNs), and discusses the critical factors influencing protocol design
  • Explores theoretical network capacity and the state-of-the-art protocols related to WMNs
  • Surveys standards that have been specified and standard drafts that are being specified for WMNs, in particular the latest standardization results in IEEE 802.11s, 802.15.5, 802.16 mesh mode, and 802.16 relay mode
  • Includes an accompanying website with PPT-slides, further reading, tutorial material, exercises, and solutions

Advanced students on networking, computer science, and electrical engineering courses will find Wireless Mesh Networks an essential read. It will also be of interest to wireless networking academics, researchers, and engineers at universities and in industry.

About The Author

Dr. Ian F. Akyildiz is Ken Byers Distinguished Chair Professor in Telecommunications, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Director of the Broadband and Wireless Networking Laboratory. Current research interests are Sensor Networks, InterPlanetary Internet, Wireless Networks, Satellite Networks and Next Generation Internet. ?Ian has published over 200 journal and conference papers, is Editor-in-Chief of Computer Networks and Ad Hoc Networks Journals (Elsevier), and an Editor for ACM-Kluwer Journal of Wireless Networks. Ian is an IEEE Fellow (1996) with the citation: "For contributions to performance analysis of computer communication networks," and an ACM Fellow (1997) "for fundamental research contributions in: finite capacity queuing network models; performance evaluation of Time Warp parallel simulations; traffic Control in ATM networks, and mobility management in wireless networks".

Dr. Xudong Wang is Senior Research Engineer at KIYON Inc., where he conducts research and development of MAC, routing, and transport protocols for wireless mesh networks. Research interests also include software radios, cross-layer design, communication protocols for cellular networks, mobile ad hoc networks, sensor networks, and ultra-wideband networks. He has two patents pending in wireless mesh networks. He is technical committee member of several international conferences, has been a reviewer for numerous international journals, and is guest editor for the Special Issue on Wireless Mesh Networking in IEEE Wireless Communications.