Jim Aylesworth and YOU

by Jim Aylesworth, Jennifer Rotole

Series: The Author and YOU

This book features Jim Aylesworth, a popular picture book author. It discusses his life and work and the researching, writing, and illustrating of selected books. Discussion of children's reading development, including strategies and the author's philosophy about using books with children is included, while lesson plan ideas and activities for each title provide practical help and extend student learning. The book is a fascinating window into the life and work of this popular children's author and gives insight into Old Black Fly, Tricky Fox, and each of his tales.

Playing on the phrase, The author and you—a commonly taught reading comprehension strategy—this new series assists the teacher and teacher librarian in understanding the underlying purposes of the author as they prepare learning activities for their students. The series (and this book) focuses primarily on books for the elementary age child (K–6) and features insights into the author's background, purposes, and goals in writing his books. By furnishing an overview of the author's works, the books in the series give teachers the big picture. Each book features personal information about the author, including insight into why he or she writes a particular type of book, plus ideas that will assist teachers in lesson plans and/or activities for each of the author's featured books. Lessons stress the particular interest of the author so the author and you (the teacher) can build a collaborative instructional relationship using the material provided. Each book is written by the featured author or in close collaboration with him or her.

  • ABC-CLIO; October 2005
  • ISBN: 9780313069086
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  • Title: Jim Aylesworth and YOU
  • Series: The Author and YOU
  • Author: Jim Aylesworth; Jennifer Rotole
  • Imprint: Libraries Unlimited

About The Author

Jim Aylesworth is a picture book author whose books have appeared on many award lists. He lives in Chicago, Illinois. He can be reached through his Web site www.ayles.com.

Jennifer K. Rotole is a library media specialist in Iowa and a long-time student of children's literature and of Jim Aylesworth's work.