Jacqueline Briggs Martin and YOU

by Jacqueline Martin

Series: The Author and YOU

Playing on the phrase, The author and you, a commonly taught reading comprehension strategy that teaches the learner how to look at the words of an author and make inferences about what is being said, this new series will assist teachers and teacher librarians in understanding the underlying purposes of an author as they prepare learning activities for students. The series focuses primarily on books for the elementary age child (K–6) and features insights into the author's background, purposes, and goals in writing his or her books. By furnishing an overview of an author's works, the books in the series give teachers the big picture. This book, like the others in the series, features personal information about the author, including insights into why she writes the type of books she writes, There is also information about each of the author's books featured. Part II of the book is the author's writing workshop—writing about writing. This book features Jacqueline Briggs Martin, award winning picture book author. It discusses her life and work and the researching, writing, and illustrating of each of her books, providing insight into the writing process and promoting reading as a source of good writing.

  • ABC-CLIO; December 2005
  • ISBN: 9780897899543
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  • Title: Jacqueline Briggs Martin and YOU
  • Series: The Author and YOU
  • Author: Jacqueline Martin
  • Imprint: Libraries Unlimited

In The Press

"The fifth volume in a series titled The Author and You, this autobiographical work is intended for children. However , the book includes information that would be of interest to children's literature scholars, such as anecdotes related to the research and writing of Snowflake Bentley and several of Martin's other picture books." - Children's Literature Association Quarterly

About The Author

Jacqueline Briggs Martin has published 14 picture books, including the 1999 Caldecott Medal winner, Snowflake Bentley (illustrated by Mary Azarian Hughton Mifflin, 1998). Grandmother Bryant's Pocket (illustrated by Petra Mathers Hughton Mifflin, 1996) was designated a Notable Book by the American Library Association, as was The Lamp, The Ice and The Boat Called Fish (illustrated by Beth Krommes hughton Mifflin, 2001). Her most recent publications are The Water Gift and the Pig of the Pig (illustrated by Linda Wingerter Hughton Mifflin, 2003) and On Sand Island (illustrated by David Johnson Hughton Mifflin, 2003).