Private Investigation and Security Science (3rd ed.)

A Scientific Approach

by Frank MacHovec

This book can be used in several ways: as a basic textbook or training manual for classroom study for required courses in private investigation, for individual study in preparation for required state examinations, as an update and refresher for veteran investigators, as a handy desk reference, or as an introduction to and an overview of the field of private investigation. Though its focus is private investigation, its contents is relevant to law enforcement, security and intelligence services, and insurance and fraud investigation. Chapters are arranged in a sequence intended to build a knowledge base and facilitate developing competent, effective skills. There are 82 “skill builder” exercises throughout the book to actively involve the student, stimulate discussion, provoke thought, and deepen understanding. This makes it possible to practice skills in a neutral setting, then apply them more effectively in the real world. The index should be used for quick reference and accessing information needed. Useful resources and references follow each chapter for further study. Chapter 1 describes private investigation; Chapter 2 prepares investigators for further study by paying close attention to the scientific method; Chapter 3 continues with a guide to personality and behavior; Chapter 4 covers abnormal and criminal behavior; Chapter 5 discusses interview, investigation, and reporting; Chapter 6 focuses on the art of interrogation; Chapter 7 provides grammar brush-up and writing for clarity and meaning; Chapter 8 is on how to lead and manage; Chapter 9 prepares you for “your day in court”; and the final Chapter 10 provides self-care advice on coping with stress and managing the media.

  • Charles C Thomas; June 2006
  • ISBN: 9780398084677
  • Edition: 3
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  • Title: Private Investigation and Security Science
  • Author: Frank MacHovec
  • Imprint: Charles C Thomas