Subsurface Flow and Transport

A Stochastic Approach

by Gedeon Dagan, Shlomo P. Neuman

Series: International Hydrology Series

This book describes a major method in modelling the flow of water and transport of solutes in the subsurface, a subject of considerable interest in the exploitation and preservation of water resources. The stochastic approach allows the uncertainty which affects various properties and parameters to be incorporated in models of subsurface flow and transport. These much more realistic models are of greater use in, for example, modelling the transport and build-up of contaminants in groundwater. The volume is based on the second Kovacs Colloquium organised by the International Hydrological Programme (UNESCO) and the International Association of Hydrological Sciences. Fifteen leading scientists with international reputations review the latest developments in this area. The book is a valuable reference work for graduate students, research workers and professionals in government and public institutions, interested in hydrology, environmental issues, soil physics, petroleum engineering, geological engineering and applied mathematics.

In The Press

'The book can be recommended to those with graduate level mathematical and statistical skills as a reference to the latest theoretical modelling techniques in subsurface hydrology. Also to those who wish to link modelling and experimental work in this area … ' J. D. Cooper, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences