Decoding Homes and Houses

by Julienne Hanson

Houses are not just assemblages of individual rooms but intricate patterns of organised space, governed by rules and conventions about the size and configuration of rooms, which domestic activities go together, how the interior should be decorated and furnished and what kinds of household object are appropriate in each setting, how family members relate to one another in different spaces, and how and where guests should be received and entertained in the home. Decoding Homes and Houses introduces new, computer-based techniques designed to retrieve and interpret this wealth of social and symbolic information. The various representations and measures show how domestic space provides a shared framework for everyday life, how social meanings are constructed in the home and how different sub-groups within society differentiate themselves through their patterns of domestic space and lifestyles.
  • Cambridge University Press; October 2003
  • ISBN: 9780511822810
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  • Title: Decoding Homes and Houses
  • Author: Julienne Hanson
  • Imprint: Cambridge University Press