Just One of the Guys?

Transgender Men and the Persistence of Gender Inequality


The fact that men and women continue to receive unequal treatment at work is a point of contention among politicians, the media, and scholars. Common explanations for this disparity range from biological differences between the sexes to the conscious and unconscious biases that guide hiring and promotion decisions. Just One of the Guys? sheds new light on this phenomenon by analyzing the unique experiences of transgender men—people designated female at birth whose gender identity is male—on the job.

Kristen Schilt draws on in-depth interviews and observational data to show that while individual transmen have varied experiences, overall their stories are a testament to systemic gender inequality. The reactions of coworkers and employers to transmen, Schilt demonstrates, reveal the ways assumptions about innate differences between men and women serve as justification for discrimination. She finds that some transmen gain acceptance—and even privileges—by becoming “just one of the guys,” that some are coerced into working as women or marginalized for being openly transgender, and that other forms of appearance-based discrimination also influence their opportunities. Showcasing the voices of a frequently overlooked group, Just One of the Guys? lays bare the social processes that foster forms of inequality that affect us all.

  • University of Chicago Press; January 2011
  • ISBN: 9780226738086
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  • Title: Just One of the Guys?
  • Author: Kristen Schilt
  • Imprint: University of Chicago Press

In The Press

“Do men out-earn women and monopolize the top positions in the workplace because they are naturally smarter and better leaders than women? Or are gender differences at work the result of social bias? Kristen Schilt offers a clever twist on this old nature-nurture debate. Women who transition to live as men accrue benefits in the workplace. Even so, biological determinism appears unshakable. Just One of the Guys? shows exactly what is at stake in achieving gender equality for us all.”

— Christine Williams, University of Texas at Austin

Just One of the Guys is a very important book, and not simply because Kristen Schilt deftly brings to light an ‘understudied population.’ Brilliantly, in studying transmen’s experiences, Schilt illuminates how workplace inequalities remain intransigent so long as they are grounded in stubbornly persistent binary gender categories.”

— Michael A. Messner, University of Southern California

About The Author

Kristen Schilt is assistant professor of sociology at the University of Chicago.