Negrophobia and Reasonable Racism

The Hidden Costs of Being Black in America

by Jody David Armour

Series: Critical America (No. 32)

Tackling the ugly secret of unconscious racism in American society, this book provides specific solutions to counter this entrenched phenomenon.

  • NYU Press; May 1997
  • ISBN: 9780814707494
  • Edition: 1
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  • Title: Negrophobia and Reasonable Racism
  • Series: Critical America (No. 32)
  • Author: Jody David Armour
  • Imprint: NYU Press

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Skillfully drawing on a wide range of referents from Greek mythology to Thomas Byes, the father of statistics, Armour plumbs our racial psychology and in the process explores the racialized nature of our daily life and our legal system.