Training Essentials for Ultrarunning

How to Train Smarter, Race Faster, and Maximize Your Ultramarathon Performance

by Koop Jason,

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  • 9781937716806

When elite ultrarunners have a need for speed, they turn to coach Jason Koop. Now the sport’s leading coach makes his highly effective ultramarathon training methods available to ultrarunners of all abilities in his book Training Essentials for Ultrarunning.

Ultramarathoners have traditionally piled on the miles or tried an approach that worked for a friend. Yet ultramarathons are not just longer marathons; simply running more will not prepare you for the race experience you want. Ultramarathon requires a new and specific approach to training. Training Essentials for Ultrarunning will revolutionize training for those who want to race an ultramarathon instead of just gutting it out to the finish line.

Koop's race-proven ultramarathon program is based on sound science, the most current research, and years of experience coaching the sport’s star runners to podium performances. Packed with practical advice and vetted training methods, Training Essentials for Ultrarunning is the new, must-have resource for first-timers and ultramarathon veterans.

Runners using Training Essentials for Ultrarunning will gain much more than Koop’s training approach:

· The science behind ultramarathon performance.

· Common ultramarathon failure points and how to solve them.

· How to use interval training to focus workouts, make gains, reduce injuries, and race faster.

· Simple, effective fueling and hydration strategies.

· Koop’s A.D.A.P.T. method for making the right decisions to solve a race-day crisis.

· How to plan your ultra season for better racing.

· Course-by-course coaching guides to iconic U.S. ultramarathons including American River 50, Badwater 135, Hardrock 100, Javelina 100, JFK 50, Lake Sonoma 50, Leadville 100, Vermont 100, Wasatch 100, and Western States 100.

· How to achieve your goal, whether it’s finishing or winning.

A revolution is coming to ultrarunning as ultramarathoners shed old habits and embrace the smarter methods that science and experience show are better. Featuring stories and advice from ultrarunning stars Dakota Jones, Kaci Lickteig, Dylan Bowman, Timothy Olson, and others who work with Koop, Training Essentials for Ultrarunning is the go-to guide for first-time ultrarunners and competitive ultramarathoners.

  • VeloPress; May 2016
  • ISBN: 9781937716806
  • Read online, or download in secure ePub format
  • Title: Training Essentials for Ultrarunning
  • Author: Koop Jason; Rutberg Jim (other)
  • Imprint: VeloPress
Subject categories
  • 9781937716806

In The Press

Ultrarunning Magazine’s TOP PICK

Training Essentials for Ultrarunning is a breakthrough work that brings together sound scientific principles and years of coaching experience to create the definitive training manual of our time.” — Dean Karnazes, ultrarunner and author of Ultramarathon Man

“Jason Koop masterfully communicates complex science in a way that everyone can understand. So if you’re looking for a technical guide to ultras, look no further than Training Essentials for Ultrarunning.” – Bryon Powell, founder of and author of Relentless Forward Progress

“The best training manual ever written for our sport…Never before has the science of running ultra distances been evaluated and explored in the way that Koop does it in this book…This book may revolutionize how we train for and race long distances…In a word, Training Essentials for Ultrarunning is brilliant.” — Ultrarunning magazine

“Jason Koop is one of ultrarunning’s most successful coaches.” — TrailRunner magazine

“Follow the principles Koop outlines and you will not only run your ultra, but own it as well.” — American Trail Running Association

Training Essentials for Ultrarunning is a look inside the mind of the guy responsible for getting the world’s best ultrarunners to the podium.” — Outside

“A scientific and performance-oriented approach to ultra training and racing… Invaluable for any level of running.” — Competitor

“Many ultrarunners don’t train with a coach [because] most coaches have not raced 100 miles. Not so for Koop, who is an ultramarathon vet and understands what it takes to succeed.” — Elevation Outdoors

Training Essentials for Ultrarunning is best for intermediate to advanced ultrarunners looking for science-driven information and in-depth explanations of training concepts.” — TrailRunner magazine

“Everyone has an inexhaustible well of grit, guts, and determination, but great training helps, too. If you want to come to Leadville and succeed, Training Essentials for Ultrarunning is a book you need to read.” – Ken Chlouber, founder of the Leadville Trail 100 Run

“Having Jason Koop as a coach has been exactly what I needed in order to train properly both physically and mentally.” – Kaci Lickteig, professional ultrarunner

“Jason Koop ended up being the most important component of my 50/50.” — Dean Karnazes, ultrarunner and author of Ultramarathon Man

“Having Koop as my coach has simplified and amplified my training to new heights.” – Timothy Olson, professional ultrarunner and Western States 100 course record holder

“Jason has helped me to be the best athlete I can be, which has often involved mental and emotional training as much as physical. I’m pretty much a wreck without him.” – Dakota Jones, professional ultrarunner

“Coach Koop is quietly one of the most influential people in the sport of ultrarunning.” – Dylan Bowman, The North Face athlete, 3x Top Ten Finisher at Western States

“One of the preeminent ultrarunning coaches globally…Training Essentials for Ultrarunning is Koop’s offering to those beginning in the sport and those who’ve completed countless ultras the distillation of his philosophy and approach to ultrarunning training and race preparation.” — Impact magazine

“I have been waiting a long time for a book like Jason Koop’s excellent new release, Training Essentials for Ultrarunning. Koop fills a gap in the literature with this comprehensive resource for high-performance ultrarunning, written for serious ultrarunners and coaches.” — Sarah Lavender Smith, The Runner’s Trip

“Every once in a while a training book is published that stands out as a likely candidate to become a classic. Jason Koop and Jim Rutberg have done just this…Training Essentials for Ultrarunning will take a place next to other classics like Lore of Running, Daniels Running Formula, and Hansons Marathon Method as the “go-to” book for ultrarunning training...It’s a valuable and comprehensive guide that represents a landmark in the unique and quirky realities of training for ultrarunning.” — It’s All About the Vertical

“Coach Koop details how to strategically prioritize preparation for ultras, without being distracted by popular physiological manipulation that leads to marginal performance gains. Coach Koop focuses on metrics the athlete has control over as an ultra runner, with the ultimate goal of the athlete embracing the culture of what it means to be an ultra runner.” – Holden S-H. MacRae, PhD, Professor of Sports Medicine, Pepperdine University and High Performance Physiologist for Red Bull

About The Author

Jason Koop is the Director of Coaching for Carmichael Training Systems, coach to elite ultrarunners, and an accomplished ultramarathoner. Koop walks the walk—or runs the run, as the case may be—when it comes to ultras. His journey from a cross-country runner at Texas A&M to ultra coach started with a postgraduation internship at CTS in the summer of 2001. A runner in a company of predominantly cycling coaches, Koop was quickly drafted and trained to be the company’s lead running coach. In 2006 he traveled around the United States coaching and supporting Dean Karnazes as the “Ultramarathon Man” ran 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. Karnazes again tapped Koop’s expertise in 2011 for “Regis and Kelly’s Run Across America with Dean Karnazes,” a nearly 3,000-mile cross-country run.

As the director of coaching for CTS, Koop coaches runners, cyclists, and triathletes in his role as a CTS premier coach. He also oversees the recruitment, education, and ongoing evaluation of more than 30 full-time endurance coaches and has developed CTS’s quality assurance system for coaching as well as the CTS Coaching College. His personal ultrarunning resume includes two top-10 finishes at the Leadville Trail 100 Run and finishes at some of ultrarunning’s most formidable events, including the Western States Endurance Run, the Badwater 135, the Wasatch 100, and the Hardrock 100.

Jim Rutberg is the media director and a coach for CTS. He is coauthor, with Chris Carmichael, of The Time-Crunched Cyclist, The Time-Crunched Triathlete, The Ultimate Ride, Chris Carmichael’s Food for Fitness, Chris Carmichael’s Fitness Cookbook, The Carmichael Training Systems Cyclist’s Training Diary, 5 Essentials for a Winning Life, The Time-Crunched Cyclist and innumerable web and magazine articles. His work has appeared in Bicycling, Outside, Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, VeloNews, Inside Triathlon, and more. A graduate of Wake Forest University and a former elite cyclist, Rutberg lives in Colorado Springs with his family.