Management of Mountain Watersheds

by Josef Krecek, Martin Haigh, Thomas Hofer, Eero Kubin

The book aims to address the interdisciplinary targets of watershed management in mountain regions based on the current knowledge of the subject. The focus of the book is particularly on monitoring, research, and modelling the interactions between the climate, water cycle, and aquatic ecosystem. The issues of watershed management in mountain regions in different parts of Europe, Africa, America and Asia have been the central theme of the book, which is basically divided into five sections: Institutional aspects in control of mountain regions; Stream-flow processes in mountain catchments; Water chemistry and biota in mountain streams and lakes; Effects of forest practices and climate change on hydrological phenomena; and Soil conservation and control of floods and landslides.

The contributions have been peer-reviewed and the interdisciplinary team of authors includes experts from the specialised areas of geography, hydrology, chemistry, biology, forestry, ecology, economy and sociology. The practical applications and management strategies mentioned in the book, deal with the integrated resource management approach, based on the compromise between the development, conservation/ protection of the nature. Finally, the socio-economic and cultural aspects, and ecosystem prevalent in a mountain catchment are discussed in detail.

  • Springer Netherlands; April 2012
  • ISBN: 9789400724761
  • Edition: 1
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  • Title: Management of Mountain Watersheds
  • Author: Josef Krecek (ed.); Martin Haigh (ed.); Thomas Hofer (ed.); Eero Kubin (ed.)
  • Imprint: Springer

In The Press

From the book reviews:

“The book presents a wide variety of current and detailed work on mountain watersheds from across the world. … The book is written and presented in a manner that is academic and scientific but is accessible to readers from various backgrounds, thanks to the explanation of technical detail. … This book would suit a variety of audiences with an interest in mountain watersheds … . the book is recommended as a diverse and interesting source of information and guidance.” (Emma Bryder, Mountain Research and Development (MRD), Vol. 34 (4), 2014)