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IQ Testing 101
Springer Publishing Company (2009)

Does your IQ really measure your intelligence? Is IQ genetic? Can your IQ vary? Do we get smarter...

Specific Learning Disabilities and Difficulties in Children and Adolescents: Psychological Assessment and Evaluation
Cambridge University Press (2001)

In this book, an expert international team looks at all the recently available methods for measuring...

Essentials of MMPI-2 Assessment
Wiley (2011)

Quickly acquire the knowledge and skills you need toconfidently administer, score, and interpret the...

Essentials of WAIS-IV Assessment
Wiley (2012)

Quickly acquire the knowledge and skills you need to confidently administer, score, and interpret...

Essentials of Working Memory Assessment and Intervention

Improve academic learning outcomes with accurate working memory assessment and evidence-based...

Essentials of WISC-IV Assessment
Wiley (2004)

A successor to the extremely popular Essentials of WISC-III/WPPSI-R Assessment(0-471-34501-6),...

Assessing Adolescent and Adult Intelligence
Wiley (2005)

The classic text--now updated with a new interpretive approach to the WAIS?-III Assessing...

Essentials of WISC-IV Assessment
Wiley (2009)

The WISC-IV is the top intelligence assessment instrument for children in the US, providing...

Essentials of WMS-III Assessment
Wiley (2001)

This one-stop guide offers state-of-the-art practical and interpretive guides for the Wechsler...

Intelligent Testing with the WISC-V
Wiley (2015)

Interpret the WISC–V to help diagnose learning disabilities and to translate profiles of test scores...