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Moduli of Families of Curves for Conformal and Quasiconformal Mappings
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2004)

The monograph is concerned with the modulus of families of curves on Riemann surfaces and its...

Harmonic and Complex Analysis and its Applications
Springer International Publishing (2013)

This volume highlights the main results of the research performed within the network “Harmonic and...

Classical and Stochastic Laplacian Growth
Springer International Publishing (2014)

This monograph covers a multitude of concepts, results, and research topics originating from a...

Conformal and Potential Analysis in Hele-Shaw Cells
Birkhäuser Basel (2006)

This monograph presents recent and new ideas arising from the study of problems of planar fluid...

Analysis and Mathematical Physics
Birkhäuser Basel (2009)

Our knowledge of objects of complex and potential analysis has been enhanced recently by ideas and...