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Realism and Christian Faith: God, Grammar, and Meaning

Realism and Christian Faith

God, Grammar, and Meaning

Cambridge University Press (2003)

This book is a discussion of a conception of realism in which God's independent reality is shown...

God, Mind and Knowledge

The themes of God, Mind and Knowledge are central to the philosophy of religion but they are now...

Shakespeare between Machiavelli and Hobbes: Dead Body Politics
Lexington Books (2016)

Shakespeare between Machiavelli and Hobbes explores Shakespeare’s political outlook by comparing...

Victorian Crime, Madness and Sensation
Taylor and Francis (2017)

Beginning with Victoria's enthronement and an exploration of sensationalist accounts of attacks on...

Realism and Religion: Philosophical and Theological Perspectives

Realism and Religion

Philosophical and Theological Perspectives

Taylor and Francis (2017)

This book draws together a distinguished group of philosophers and theologians to present new...

Reengagement: Bringing Students Back to America's Schools


Bringing Students Back to America's Schools

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2016)

This book b y practitioners, policy analysts, and young people, for practitioners, policy...

The South's Tolerable Alien: Roman Catholics in Alabama and Georgia, 1945--1970

The South's Tolerable Alien

Roman Catholics in Alabama and Georgia, 1945--1970

LSU Press (2007)

In The South's Tolerable Alien, Andrew S. Moore probes the role of Catholics in the post--World War...

Pawpaw: In Search of America’s Forgotten Fruit


In Search of America’s Forgotten Fruit

Chelsea Green Publishing (2015)

The largest edible fruit native to the United States tastes like a cross between a banana and a...

University of South Carolina Press (2017)

An in-depth examination of the female black experience portrayed in literature throughout American...

Communication in Construction: Theory and Practice

Communication in Construction

Theory and Practice

Andrew Dainty, David Moore and 1 more...
CRC Press (2006)

Communication within project-based environments presents special challenges. This is especially true...