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Towards an Inclusive Arts Education
Institute of Education Press (2015)

This collection offers a theoretical perspective for tutors, teacher trainers and arts students on...

Youth, Arts, and Education: Reassembling Subjectivity through Affect

Youth, Arts, and Education

Reassembling Subjectivity through Affect

Taylor and Francis (2013)

How are the arts important in young people’s lives? Youth, Arts and Education offers a...

Disability Matters: Pedagogy, media and affect

Disability Matters

Pedagogy, media and affect

Taylor and Francis (2014)

From the critique of ‘the medical model’ of disability undertaken during the early and mid-1990s, a...

The Politics of Widening Participation and University Access for Young People: Making educational futures
Taylor and Francis (2016)

Young people with tenuous relationships to schooling and education are an enduring challenge when it...

Youth, Technology, Governance, Experience: Adults Understanding Young People

Youth, Technology, Governance, Experience

Adults Understanding Young People

Taylor and Francis (2018)

How do adults understand youth? How do their conceptions inform interventions into young lives or...

Arts, Pedagogy and Cultural Resistance: New Materialisms
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2015)

This collection demonstrates how physical objects, materials, space and environments teach us, and...

Deleuze and Masculinity
Springer International Publishing (2019)

This book uses Deleuze’s work to understand the politics of masculinity today. It analyses...