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An Introduction to Catholic Sacramental Theology
Wipf and Stock Publishers (2008)

Ganoczy provides a complete overview of the history of Catholic sacramental theology and a clear...

Count It All Joy
Wipf and Stock Publishers (1999)

Based upon lectures given at the 1962 Ecumenical Study Conference of the United Christian Youth...

A Private and Public Faith
Wipf and Stock Publishers (1999)

'A Private and Public Faith' is a heartfelt protest against the self-serving religiosity that...

Contesting Post-Racialism: Conflicted Churches in the United States and South Africa

Contesting Post-Racialism

Conflicted Churches in the United States and South Africa

R. Drew Smith, William Ackah and 2 more...
University Press of Mississippi (2015)

Through the window of congregations, the landscape within churches after racial conflict

Swamp Souths: Literary and Cultural Ecologies

Swamp Souths

Literary and Cultural Ecologies

LSU Press (2020)

Swamp Souths: Literary and Cultural Ecologies expands the geographical scope of scholarship about...

Texans on the Brink

Threatened and Endangered Animals

What good is a rattlesnake? What purpose do animals serve? All species play a vital role in their...

My Battery Is Low and It Is Getting Dark
Zombies Need Brains, LLC (2020)

A military attack drone turned shepherd. A train on the London Underground evolving into something...

Achieving sustainable production of poultry meat Volume 2: Breeding and nutrition
Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing (2017)

There have been significant advances in poultry breeding and nutrition. This books discusses key...

Dark Energy Physics: Second Edition
Anthony William Green T/A Cleversticks (2017)

Black holes are the largest stores of energy in the universe, they rule the universe. The story that...

When The West Was Tennessee
Bill Landry (2018)

The Territory South of the River Ohio was once called the Southwest Territory.  It is the land...