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Abstract Algebra with Applications
Cambridge University Press (2018)

This text offers a friendly and concise introduction to abstract algebra, emphasizing its uses in...

Zeta Functions of Graphs: A Stroll through the Garden

Zeta Functions of Graphs

A Stroll through the Garden

Cambridge University Press (2010)

Combinatorics meets number theory in this stimulating stroll through the zetas. Includes well-chosen...

Fourier Analysis on Finite Groups and Applications
Cambridge University Press (1999)

A friendly introduction to Fourier analysis on finite groups, accessible to undergraduates/graduates...

Harmonic Analysis on Symmetric Spaces—Euclidean Space, the Sphere, and the Poincaré Upper Half-Plane
Springer New York (2013)

This book offers an introduction to harmonic analysis on the simplest symmetric spaces. It places an...

Harmonic Analysis on Symmetric Spaces—Higher Rank Spaces, Positive Definite Matrix Space and Generalizations
Springer New York (2016)

This text is an introduction to harmonic analysis on symmetric spaces, focusing on advanced topics...