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The Stag Hunt and the Evolution of Social Structure
Cambridge University Press (2003)

This book by Brian Skyrms is a study of ideas of cooperation and collective action.

Evolution of the Social Contract
Cambridge University Press (2014)

This new edition further develops the application of evolutionary game theory to an analysis of the...

Princeton University Press (2017)

A fascinating account of the breakthrough ideas that transformed probability and statistics In the...

The Logic of Strategy
Oxford University Press (1999)

Edited by three leading figures in the field, this exciting volume presents cutting-edge work in...

Signals: Evolution, Learning, and Information


Evolution, Learning, and Information

OUP Oxford (2010)

Brian Skyrms offers a fascinating demonstration of how fundamental signals are to our world. He uses...

Social Dynamics
OUP Oxford (2014)

Brian Skyrms applies adaptive dynamics (of cultural evolution and individual learning) to social...

The Pursuit of Happiness: Philosophical and Psychological Foundations of Utility

The Pursuit of Happiness

Philosophical and Psychological Foundations of Utility

OUP Oxford (2020)

Utilitarianism is one of the most famous ethical doctrines, based on the ideal of maximizing...

Why We Cooperate
MIT Press (2009)

Understanding cooperation as a distinctly human combination of innate and learned behavior. Drop...