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Public Governance Paradigms: Competing and Co-Existing

Public Governance Paradigms

Competing and Co-Existing

Edward Elgar Publishing (2020)

This enlightening book scrutinizes the shifting governance paradigms that inform public...

International Handbook on Public–Private Partnerships
Edward Elgar Publishing (2010)

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) promise much and present an exciting policy option. Yet as this...

The Logic of Public–Private Partnerships: The Enduring Interdependency of Politics and Markets

The Logic of Public–Private Partnerships

The Enduring Interdependency of Politics and Markets

Edward Elgar Publishing (2019)

This book examines Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), and tracks the movement from early technical...

Contracting for Public Services
Taylor and Francis (2007)

Insightful and comprehensive and covering new subjects like globalization and IT, this text,...

Rethinking Public-Private Partnerships: Strategies for Turbulent Times
Taylor and Francis (2013)

The global financial crisis hit the world in a remarkable way in late 2008. Many governments and...

Governing the Reformed University
Taylor and Francis (2019)

Universities are important public institutions and are seen as key drivers for a country’s economic...

Contracts As Reinvented Institutions in the Public Sector: A Cross-cultural Comparison
Greenwood Publishing Group (2005)

Contracting has become one of the tools that governments use to make their services more efficient...

Nordic Administrative Reforms: Lessons for Public Management

Nordic Administrative Reforms

Lessons for Public Management

Carsten Greve, Per Lægreid and 1 more...
Palgrave Macmillan UK (2016)

This book is based on a unique data set and assesses in comparative terms the public management...