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Skills in Gestalt Counselling & Psychotherapy
SAGE Publications (2018)

A practical and accessible guide to the gestalt approach, now with updated content on trauma,...

Contracts in Counselling & Psychotherapy
SAGE Publications (2006)

When contracting with clients, practitioners need to consider a whole range of factors including:...

Skills in Gestalt Counselling & Psychotherapy
SAGE Publications (2014)

Focusing on skills that arise out of Gestalt theory, as well as those invoked by the therapeutic...

Transactional Analysis: A Relational Perspective
Taylor and Francis (2014)

Transactional analysis is growing in popularity as an approach to psychotherapy, and this book...

Integration in Counselling & Psychotherapy: Developing a Personal Approach
SAGE Publications (2009)

This excellent book shows trainee and practicing counsellors how to provide an integrative and...

An Introduction to Transactional Analysis: Helping People Change
SAGE Publications (2011)

This accessible introduction fills a gap for a textbook that can be used across all applications of...

Relational Transactional Analysis: Principles in Practice
Taylor and Francis (2018)

'Through different voices and styles of contributions, including papers, edited talks and panel...

An Introduction to Gestalt
SAGE Publications (2012)

The new comprehensive introduction to Gestalt therapy from top authors in the field, this fills a...

Integrative Approaches to Supervision
Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2001)

The contributors to this informative book consider the nature of a supervision and examine the ways...

Coaching Relationships: The Relational Coaching Field Book

Coaching Relationships

The Relational Coaching Field Book

Libri Publishing (2012)

Rather than focus on the actions of the coach, this handbook places relationships—to one’s self and...