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The Body in Culture, Technology and Society

Shilling offers the most comprehensive overview of the field to date and an innovative framework for...

Changing Bodies: Habit, Crisis and Creativity

Changing Bodies

Habit, Crisis and Creativity

Cutting edge text on the sociology of the body from one of the most popular and respected authors in...

The Body and Social Theory

An agenda setting new edition of a classic text. Chris is a leading authority in body studies and...

The Body: A Very Short Introduction
OUP Oxford (2016)

In this Very Short Introduction Chris Shilling considers the social significance of the human body,...

Sociology of the Sacred: Religion, Embodiment and Social Change

Sociology of the Sacred

Religion, Embodiment and Social Change

In a powerful reframing of debates about secularization and the revitalization of religion, Shilling...

The Sociological Ambition: Elementary Forms of Social and Moral Life

The Sociological Ambition

Elementary Forms of Social and Moral Life

This book situates sociology in its historical, philosophical and theological contexts and examines...

Uncovering Social Life: Critical Perspectives from Sociology

Uncovering Social Life

Critical Perspectives from Sociology

Taylor and Francis (2017)

In an era when rapid social change, the disappearance of traditional communities, the rise of...