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Principles of Statistical Inference
Cambridge University Press (2006)

A comprehensive, balanced account of the theory of statistical inference, its main ideas and...

The Theory of Stochastic Processes
CRC Press (2017)

This book should be of interest to undergraduate and postgraduate students of probability theory.

Inference and Asymptotics
CRC Press (2017)

Our book Asymptotic Techniquesfor Use in Statistics was originally planned as an account of...

Analysis of Survival Data
CRC Press (2018)

This monograph contains many ideas on the analysis of survival data to present a comprehensive...

Applied Statistics - Principles and Examples
CRC Press (2018)

This book should be of interest to senior undergraduate and postgraduate students of applied...

Analysis of Binary Data
CRC Press (2018)

The first edition of this book (1970) set out a systematic basis for the analysis of binary data and...

Principles of Applied Statistics
Cambridge University Press (2011)

Cox and Donnelly lay out the concrete, usable principles that underpin the successful application of...

Case-Control Studies
Cambridge University Press (2014)

Covers the fundamentals of case-control studies including important recent developments, with a...

The Theory of the Design of Experiments

Why study the theory of experiment design? Although it can be useful to know about special designs...

Multivariate Dependencies: Models, Analysis and Interpretation

Multivariate Dependencies

Models, Analysis and Interpretation

CRC Press (2014)

Large observational studies involving research questions that require the measurement of several...