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Cultural Heritage and Tourism: An Introduction
Channel View Publications (2011)

Cultural heritage is one of the most prevalent tourism resources in the world. Most travel involves...

Tourism, Religion and Spiritual Journeys
Taylor and Francis (2006)

Religion and spirituality are still among the most common motivations for travel - many major...

Tourism in the USA: A Spatial and Social Synthesis

Tourism in the USA

A Spatial and Social Synthesis

Taylor and Francis (2009)

The United States continues to provide opportunities for travel and tourism to domestic and...

Tourism and the Lodging Sector
Taylor and Francis (2009)

Tourism and the Lodging Sector is a pioneering book, the first text of its kind to examine the...

Handbook of Globalisation and Tourism
Edward Elgar Publishing (2019)

Globalization entails the world becoming a smaller place through political, socio-cultural and...

Tourism and Political Boundaries
Taylor and Francis (2001)

The importance of political boundaries in the development, function and flow of tourism cannot be...

Tourism, Diasporas and Space
Taylor and Francis (2004)

Diasporas result from the scattering of populations and cultures across geographical space and time....

Cultural Heritage and Tourism in the Developing World: A Regional Perspective
Taylor and Francis (2009)

Cultural Heritage and Tourism in the Developing World is the first book of its kind to synthesize...

Safety and Security in Tourism: Relationships, Management, and Marketing

Safety and Security in Tourism

Relationships, Management, and Marketing

Taylor and Francis (2012)

How will the travel and tourism industry respond to the terrorist attacks on America? The recent...

Cultural and Heritage Tourism in Asia and the Pacific
Taylor and Francis (2013)

The Asia Pacific region’s enormous diversity of living cultures and preserved heritage sites has...