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Seekers: Second Nature
Pocket Books/Star Trek (2014)

An all-new Star Trek Seekers series begins! A new mission: The late twenty-third...

Section 31: Disavowed
Pocket Books/Star Trek (2014)

The pulse-pounding new Star Trek thriller from David Mack—a direct sequel to the New York Times ...

Star Trek: Mirror Universe: The Sorrows of Empire
Pocket Books/Star Trek (2009)

One man can shape the future...but at what cost? "In every revolution, there is one man with a...

Vanguard: Storming Heaven
Pocket Books/Star Trek (2012)

The final novel in the acclaimed Vanguard saga, based on Star Trek: The Original Series ! ...

Legacies #2: Best Defense
Pocket Books/Star Trek (2016)

Just in time for the milestone 50th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series , an epic new...

Collateral Damage
Pocket Books/Star Trek (2019)

From the New York Times bestselling author of Star Trek: Discovery: Desperate Hours comes an...

Titan: Fortune of War
Pocket Books (2017)

An original spin-off novel set in the popular Star Trek: The Next Generation universe from New...

Star Trek: Corps of Engineers: Grand Designs
Pocket Books/Star Trek (2007)

The thrilling Star Trek short story collection featuring Starfleet’s Corps of Engineers! Corps...

Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions
Pocket Books/Star Trek (2011)

IN THE MIRROR UNIVERSE . . . Miles “Smiley” O’Brien struggles to hold together his weary band of...

More Beautiful Than Death
Pocket Books/Star Trek (2020)

An original novel based on the thrilling new Star Trek movies! Based on the “Kelvin Universe”...