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Standoff: A Vin Cooper Novel 6
Pan Macmillan Australia (2013)

A brutal massacre. A terrifying madman. OSI Special Agent Vin Cooper is brought to the scene of...

War Lord: A Vin Cooper Novel 5
Pan Macmillan Australia (2012)

A $15 million ransom. A plane down in the remote swamps of Darwin. A new partner who plays by the...

A Knife Edge
Random House Publishing Group (2009)

By the time Special Investigator Vin Cooper arrives at the murder scene–the shark-infested waters...

The Death Trust: A Vin Cooper Novel 1
Pan Macmillan Australia (2007)

When the commander of the vast NATO Ramstein Air Base in Germany, United States General Abraham...

Ghost Watch: A Vin Cooper Novel 4
Pan Macmillan Australia (2010)

Special Agent Vin Cooper is feeling reckless. He volunteers for the dumbest and most dangerous job...

Rogue Element: A Tom Wilkes Novel 1
Pan Macmillan Australia (2007)

Joe Light, his computer hacking days behind him, kicks back in first class on board the QANTAS 747...

Hard Rain: A Thriller
Random House Publishing Group (2010)

Twelve bones are missing.   When a U.S. colonel is found murdered in his Istanbul home, the...

Sword of Allah: A Tom Wilkes Novel 2
Pan Macmillan Australia (2007)

In Papua New Guinea, primitive highlanders are armed with AK-47s... In the Persian Gulf, a fishing...

Hard Rain: A Vin Cooper Novel 3
Pan Macmillan Australia (2008)

When the US Attache to Turkey, Colonel Emmet Portman, is found butchered in his Istanbul residence,...

The Zero Option
Pan Macmillan Australia (2009)

The Cold War is going badly for President Reagan's administration. Support in Europe for the Soviet...