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The Culture of Morality: Social Development, Context, and Conflict

The Culture of Morality

Social Development, Context, and Conflict

Cambridge University Press (2002)

A thought-provoking explanation of how social and moral development inform our understandings of...

New Perspectives on Human Development
Cambridge University Press (2017)

This book address fundamental questions of human development, revisiting old questions and applying...

Social Development, Social Inequalities, and Social Justice
Taylor and Francis (2007)

This volume considers previously separate bodies of research on social justice, social equality, and...

Culture, Thought, and Development
Taylor and Francis (2000)

In this volume, the reader will find a host of fresh perspectives. Authors seek to reconceptualize...

Values and Knowledge
Taylor and Francis (2013)

It is widely recognized that a person's values will profoundly affect what that person attends to,...