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Psychological Anthropology for the 21st Century
Taylor and Francis (2018)

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to psychological anthropology, covering both the...

Cultural Anthropology: Global Forces, Local Lives

Cultural Anthropology (3rd ed.)

Global Forces, Local Lives

Taylor and Francis (2016)

Cultural Anthropology: Global Forces, Local Lives presents all the key areas of cultural...

Introducing Anthropology of Religion: Culture to the Ultimate

Introducing Anthropology of Religion (2nd ed.)

Culture to the Ultimate

Taylor and Francis (2014)

This clear and engaging guide introduces students to key areas of the field and shows how to apply...

Cultural Anthropology: 101
Taylor and Francis (2015)

This concise and accessible introduction establishes the relevance of cultural anthropology for the...

Culture and Diversity in the United States: So Many Ways to Be American
Taylor and Francis (2015)

Knowledge of and sensitivity toward diversity is an essential skill in the contemporary United...

Social Science and Historical Perspectives: Society, Science, and Ways of Knowing

Social Science and Historical Perspectives

Society, Science, and Ways of Knowing

Taylor and Francis (2016)

This accessible book introduces the story of ‘social science’, with coverage of history, politics,...