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AQA A-level Law for Year 2
Hodder Education (2018)

Exam board: AQA Level: A-level Subject: Law First teaching: September 2017 First exams:...

The Long 1968: Revisions and New Perspectives

The Long 1968

Revisions and New Perspectives

Indiana University Press (2013)

From the mid-1960s to the early 1970s, revolutions in theory, politics, and cultural experimentation...

Jacqueline Briggs Martin and YOU
ABC-CLIO (2005)

Playing on the phrase, The author and you, a commonly taught reading comprehension strategy that...

Writing the Harlem Renaissance: Revisiting the Vision
Lexington Books (2017)

This study examines literary and cultural developments in the community of Harlem during its...

Festivalising: Theatrical Events, Politics and Culture


Theatrical Events, Politics and Culture

Throughout the world festivals are growing – in numbers, in size, in significance – and...

Light in Forensic Science: Issues and Applications
Royal Society of Chemistry (2018)

This book details the analysis of forensic evidence by light-based techniques, as well as the...

A People's Atlas of Detroit
Wayne State University Press (2020)

Critical, wide-ranging analyses of Detroit’s redevelopment and alternative visions for its future.

Three Little Birds: Faith, Hope, and Love
WestBow Press (2014)

Three Little Birds: Faith, Hope, and Love is a raw and true story written during the life and loss...

Architecture / Machine: Programs, Processes, and Performances

Architecture / Machine

Programs, Processes, and Performances

gta Verlag (2018)

Architektur und Maschine sind zentrale Gegenstände menschlicher Gestaltung. Wie funktioniert ihr...