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Facilities Management: Theory and Practice
CRC Press (1996)

This text provides an overview of the interdisciplinary nature of facilities management. It...

Uniting the Kingdom?: The Making of British History

Uniting the Kingdom?

The Making of British History

Taylor and Francis (1995)

In Uniting the Kingdom? a group of the most distinguished historians from Britain and Ireland...

Managing Organizational Ecologies: Space, Management, and Organizations

Managing Organizational Ecologies

Space, Management, and Organizations

The term Facilities Management has become global but fraught with confusion as to what the term...

The Psychology of Reading
Taylor and Francis (2013)

The last 20 years have witnessed a revolution in reading research. Cognitive psychologists, using...

Performing Black Masculinity: Race, Culture, and Queer Identity

Performing Black Masculinity

Race, Culture, and Queer Identity

AltaMira Press (2006)

Alexander's linked essays on the African American male experience.

Android Security Cookbook
Packt Publishing (2013)

Android Security Cookbook' breaks down and enumerates the processes used to exploit and...

Statistical Analysis of Longitudinal Categorical Data in the Social and Behavioral Sciences: An introduction With Computer Illustrations
Taylor and Francis (1999)

A comprehensive resource for analyzing a variety of categorical data, this book emphasizes the...

Sharing Data, Information and Knowledge: 25th British National Conference on Databases, BNCOD 25, Cardiff, UK, July 7-10, 2008, Proceedings

Sharing Data, Information and Knowledge

25th British National Conference on Databases, BNCOD 25, Cardiff, UK, July 7-10, 2008, Proceedings

Since 1981, the British National Conferences on Databases (BNCOD) have p- vided a forum for database...

Facilities Management: Innovation and Performance

Facilities Management

Innovation and Performance

Keith Alexander, Brian Atkin and 2 more...
CRC Press (2004)

Facilities Management sets out a new framework for the discipline of facilities management which...

Psychology of Reading: 2nd Edition
Taylor and Francis (2011)

Reading is a highly complex skill that is prerequisite to success in many societies in which a great...